“Such a happy experience at this practice, the whole team are wonderful and caring, I needed whitening treatment and crowns, I can honestly say that Ronald has cured my fear of dental treatment and needles!!! 10/10”Victoria, Jan 2022

“What can I say.I had my first consultation with Ronald just over a week ago. Poor Ronald and Celine, I was extremely nervous but was put at ease almost immediately. After a thorough consultation/X-rays, Ronald went through a dental plan with me, the first part to take place in a couple of days. I left that room actually looking forward to seeing a dentist (can you believe that!). The first part of the dental plan took place on the following Tuesday and on a Wednesday morning (although not even halfway through my plan) I woke up, already saw an improvement, and had a great deal of confidence back and I smiled all day. I am still smiling. Thank you Ronald and team for making that happen. I am looking forward to the next part of my treatment x”Julie, Aug 2021

“Today I had a check-up, scale, and polish, all the staff were very friendly and were very informative about the new COVID measures that are obviously in place. I felt safe and very at ease, the staff are always very attentive and helpful. I saw Ronald today, he puts me at ease (with his cheery smile) as soon as I walked into the treatment room. I’m a very nervous patient but after a minute in the chair listening to my personal choice of music, I felt very relaxed and in safe hands. I would highly recommend Dental Spa 25 for all your dentistry needs.”JB, Oct 2020

“I had cracked my tooth and my previous dentist could not fit me in and kept saying to call back the following day and I knew it was not going to be good news. Being very worried and frustrated I rang Dental spa 25 who were able to see me the following day. I had to have an extraction and while I was there was able to talk about some other procedures that I was interested in of which they were very proficient, kind, and helpful. I had a lot of fear around costs which they helped me with and we spoke about everything before any work was carried out. I ended up having a treatment plan and then got the veneers that I had always wanted and felt very cared for through the whole process. The team is very friendly and easy to talk to while maintaining professional standards throughout. Thank you Dental Spa 25 team for all of your help”LC, Oct 2021

“I am a patient with another quite well-known practice in Weston super mare and I had a filling replaced at said practice a couple of months ago with their private dentist. I started getting a niggling pain with the tooth on a Friday night and by the Sunday I was in a lot of pain with it to the point I hardly slept or eaten over the weekend. I contacted my practice for an emergency appointment and was told the earliest they could get me in was in 4-5 weeks even though I stressed how much pain I was in and it was them who done the filling that has caused the problem. I called dental spa 25 and explained my situation and the receptionist was very empathetic and got me booked in for a couple of hours later that day, she explained all the potential costs to me before I booked so there were no surprises (I would have paid anything by this point to just be out of pain). When I arrived I was taken into the dentist’s room and for approximately the next hour he did an examination to check what the problem was, also done x-rays, and actually found two other small problems that my previous dentist had completely missed. I ended up having the problem tooth extracted, I’ve had 3 teeth extracted before this, and I can honestly say this was by far the easiest and most comfortable I have ever been through. He really took his time with it and he was constantly asking me if I was okay and emphasizing that if I felt any pain no matter how small I was to let him know so he could give me more anesthetic. I would like to thank everyone at the practice for such an amazing experience after feeling quite abandoned by my previous practices and I will definitely be coming back for anything else I need in the future. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!”TW, Sep 2021

“All of the team I have spoken to have been lovely and very helpful. I required a tooth extraction and Gloria was wonderful. She made me feel at ease and ensured I was completely numb before starting any treatment. Unfortunately, I had an infection afterward, but again Gloria was extremely helpful trying to resolve this and took as much time as was needed to help. I would highly recommend this dental practice to anyone. “CR, June 2021

“Thanks to Gloria for working a miracle this morning and Amy & co for their help in booking appointments. My denture now fits perfectly & the tooth repair is superb. I really appreciate your hard work.”WS, Aug 2020

“Was recommended this private dentist by a friend and after reading the reviews I instantly felt relaxed. I’ve had bad dental experiences in the past so I was so nervous to visit. Especially during the pandemic. Gloria is amazing! My first appointment was just an examination and I told her I was nervous before coming in. She praised me so much for coming in and that was just such a nice feeling! I had my tooth extracted today and I was a mess before going in! Her and Hannah (dental nurse) do everything they can to relax you! I couldn’t feel anything they did during the procedure but they kept asking me if I was ok or if I needed a break! Constantly reassuring me and just made me so at ease! Even played lady gaga for me! I couldn’t recommend this dentist enough thank you to all of the team! I actually look forward to my next appointment”ST, Jul 2020

“This has been my first time doing aesthetics to my lips and forehead. The team was very attentive all the way through. The results were even better than I expected and due to the careful preparation, I hardly felt any pain. They definitely know what they are doing! Best of all: my partner loved the results as it enhanced my looks without looking artificial! Definitely recommend Dental Spa 25!”MC, Mar 2020

“Many thanks to Dental Spa 25 for helping my wife after she ate a not so soft roll. Fantastic service”PMS, Feb 2020

“This place is highly recommended”JC, Feb 2020

“Just wanted to say thank you to dental spa 25, Gloria has been doing my [wrinkle relaxing injections] for a while now and always so pleased with my End result, always makes me feel at ease, I’m always well informed on aftercare etc which I feel is important, they know who to take good care of there patients, thank you!”HB, Feb 2020

“Fantastic Dental practice, very friendly and welcoming to new patients. Parking onsite, highly recommend to anyone looking for a Dentist.”JB, Jan 2020

“Gloria has been my dentist for 11 years. I went from an extremely nervous patient who dreaded previous dentists, to a patient who can fully trust all procedures. I have had no pain and been willing to have my gums lasered, fillings, teeth built up, and had my wisdom tooth removed with no pain. Even when I have my injections I do not feel it. At Houston’s, they were not patient and would start working on my teeth before my mouth was numb. I was scared of having injections too as I always felt them. Well done Gloria you are a star xx”AL, Dec 2019

“Hannah the dental nurse is excellent at what she does. The receptionist Amy and Liz are also very polite [to] offer you a cuppa every time you’re in. Ronald and Gloria the dentists have great etiquettes, professionalism and offer discounts throughout the course of your treatment for additional things that may interest you. They are very good at what they do and will fix your teeth in no time… Much recommend these guys!”ST, Dec 2019

“The team at Dental Spa 25 have been great at getting my teeth sorted in time for my wedding. I went to them with not much time and a pretty busy schedule and they have always managed to fit me in. My teeth looked amazing for the wedding and I was so so happy with how my smile looked. I was apprehensive about how I would feel during the time I was wearing my braces and actually they were not uncomfortable and hardly noticeable. Thanks to everyone on the team!” CS, Nov 2019

“It’s crazy how quickly things can change, I’m so much happier with my teeth since having Quick Straight Teeth with @dentalspa25_ just having an aligner or two followed by a fixed retainer, removable retainers and teeth whitening… “ AP, Nov 2019

“The whole experience was fantastic. Gloria and her team were absolutely lovely and knowledgable. Had my teeth whitened in house and they did everything they could to make me comfortable, including listening to whatever music I wanted. So pleased with the results – I wanted to wait a few weeks before leaving a review to see how they held up and I can report my smile is still glowing and bright! Gloria even gave me a spare tube of whitening gel for a top-up. Highly recommended!” CH, Nov 2019

“Thank you for being so lovely to me.” PT, Oct 2019

“Great service as always.” RM, Oct 2019

“I had really bad pain from a wisdom tooth and needed it removed. After I couldn’t get any help from NHS clinics I went to Dental Spa as my last hope. Lady at the reception was very nice and compassionate, they booked an emergency appointment for me just two hours later. Dr Ronald was funny and took amazing care of me as he saw I was stressed out. He played music I like on youtube to make me feel better and made sure I won’t be feeling even the littlest pain. I never thought that tooth extraction can go so easy and painless. The best dentist I’ve ever been to.” VS, Apr 2019

“Comfortable and friendly and how a dentist should be. If your a nervous patient this is a great place to be seen.” SM, Dec 2018

“All is well and I’m happy.” PT, Oct 2018

“Gloria is brilliant and my gums are really improving.” PT, Oct 2018

“Very friendly!” PT, Oct 2018

“Ronald is an amazing dentist!” PT, Oct 2018

“Attended yesterday as an emergency patient. The dentist was very friendly and the dentist himself was very friendly and made me feel at ease. He did everything there and then and being nervous of the dentist he performed an extraction. It was very painless and he was very good. Even making me laugh and putting me at ease. Best dentist ever highly recommend.” KM, Sept 2018

“Thank you to the lovely helpful receptionist I spoke to this afternoon 24th September. I was inquiring about dental insurance she couldn’t have been more helpful.” NH, Sept 2018

“I had to have an emergency procedure done and the dental spa was able to book me in quite promptly. Ronald took very good care of me and my teeth. Everyone at the dental spa was very friendly and professional. I 100% recommend them.” AM, Aug 2018

“The first time I visited the spa I was served by both Gloria and Ronald as I had an urgent and complex case. The service was excellent and the minor surgery a great success. The extraction was pain-free. I did not bruise and was able to eat on the same day. I would return to the spa for all my treatments and have recommended their services to others. The entire team was great!” ND, Jun 2018

“I would recommend this practice for anyone who is scared of dentists!, best experience from very friendly staff, lovely atmosphere!” NT, Oct 2017

“Always first-class treatment and advice.” DS, Oct 2017

“Beautiful decor, great atmosphere, and service. Had a successful treatment for bleeding gums, it was quick and painless. This was finished off with a tooth polish. I have been receiving compliments for how bright and white my teeth look.” TN, Oct 2017

“Very friendly staff! Everyone is really helpful and very happy with my [teeth] whitening treatment I have been given.” AV, Apr 2018

“The service was excellent and the minor surgery a great success. The extraction was pain-free. I did not bruise and was able to eat on the same day. I would return to the spa for all my treatments and have recommended their services to others. The entire team was great!” ND, Oct 2017

“I had to have an emergency procedure done and the dental spa was able to book me in quite promptly. Ronald took very good care of me and my teeth. Everyone at the dental spa was very friendly and professional. I 100% recommend them.” AM, May 2018

“Very, very friendly staff, very professional. My dentist Gloria… Wow, she is very professional and her smile plus a very good sense of humour making you feel very comfortable on the dentist chair. The prices here are not that bad. Some treatments are cheaper than Houston’s. I’m a very happy customer. Thank you.” AD, Aug 2018

“Attended yesterday as an emergency patient. The dentist was very friendly and the dentist himself was very friendly and made me feel at ease. He did everything there and then and being nervous of the dentist he performed an extraction. It was very painless and he was very good. Even making me laugh and put me at ease. Best dentist ever highly recommend.
KM, Sept 2018

“I have been Ronald’s patient for eight years. You won’t find a kinder, gentler dentist. I had severe damage done in the past and had a real fear. My gums were in a really bad state. Ronald has never hurt me and coming to the dentist is like coming to see my family! “ CH, July 2018

“I saw Ronald today for cosmetic work on my front tooth. Ronald has done an amazing job and I can once again smile! Ronald made me feel completely at ease and everyone at the Dental Spa are professional and friendly.” TH, July 2018

“I had veneers ten years ago, and each one broke in turn so I was very unhappy with the repair and renewals. The work wasn’t very natural. I really wanted a decent smile, I was smiling with my lips closed. There were also very large teeth at all felt wrong. I was desperate to get decent veneers. I thought what dentist should I use? I have found Ronald and Gloria for some years through the NHS. Nevertheless, I was nervous regarding having my teeth replaced. Gloria examined me and allowed me to express myself freely. I was able to say how I felt and what I would like. Gloria didn’t persuade me or push me into any treatment. I trusted her practice. The results were very pleasing indeed. The treatment was set out clearly. The end result – a very happy lady! I will definitely come again.” AL, July 2018

“I have been seeing Ronald for many years now, I think he is the best dentist I have ever known. Even putting in the injection, I didn’t felt a thing, similarly with drilling and everything else I have never felt anything – brilliant! I will never go anywhere else.” DM, July 2018

“Gloria cleaned all my teeth very, very good. All my teeth are lovely and white, and clean. Thank you so much.” AD, Oct 2018

“Ronald is amazing! Loads of patience and great care given at all times. Only just started coming here and so glad I did” PH, Oct 2018

“Extractions by Ronald, pain-free and very good indeed” Oct 2018

“Ronald is an amazing dentist” Oct 2018

“Ronald was very friendly. It is always a pleasure to see him.” Oct 2018

“I have to say that this dental practice is awesome! I have had treatment off Gloria and I went to her in a mess… now I smile and everyone and I mean everyone is commenting on my smile now! Thanks, Gloria for making this happen.. love you to bits xx” Jan 2017

“I was extremely nervous but was soon put at ease & chose to have treatment for wrinkles immediately after my consultation. Due to the understanding & caring staff, my treatment was so much better then I could have hoped for.”
March 2017

“Very impressed with the treatment received. I have been a patient of Dr Ronald Mabasa for several years. My 83-year-old father hadn’t been to a dentist in decades, so when he needed a tooth extraction we arranged an appointment with Ronald. Medical information was requested in advance of the appointment, and they were very understanding of his high level of anxiety. Both before and after his treatment, a lot of time was given to my father to reassure him and to ensure that he was ok before leaving. A follow-up call was also made at the end of the day. Ronald’s professional and caring approach helped to calm and reassure him. The painless extraction only took a couple of minutes.

The whole team at Dental Spa 25 are very welcoming and professional. My father received a lot of care and consideration which helped to reduce his anxiety. This positive experience has helped to eliminate previous negative experiences, which hopefully will encourage him to receive further treatment. I continue to be impressed by their expertise and the level of care and attention provided by this practice and would recommend the clinic without reservation.”
March 2017

“Ronald is an absolute star! Caring and professional, I feel very happy to have access to such a fantastic dentist and person. The team are great too!”

“The very best dental practice I have ever been in. The staff are wonderful and so friendly and professional. The atmosphere is calm and I will recommend it to others.”

“Thoroughly recommend! No pain very pleased.”

“Gloria”… I would just like to say how grateful and pleased I am about the wonderful job you did on my teeth … I think I was in so much shock! At seeing my wonderful teeth that I only really noticed the gap that had been filled …..I have now noticed the discoloured filling in my front tooth you refilled and also my two front teeth you matched in …. lol I am overwhelmed with my teeth and I can’t thank you enough! I will now be able to smile with confidence & enjoy the wedding Lots of love Jenny xx July 2016

“Reliable pain-free tooth extraction of a large molar. Excellent service.” June 2016

“I visited the dental hygienist today. I was very nervous. She completely put me at ease and spent lots of time talking to me. I feel confident and happy to return again soon. Thank you.” June 2016

“Fantastic service! Makes having dentist enjoyable experience. I can’t imagine there are too many places where that is possible.” June 2016

“The Periochip was inserted painlessly between my gum and tooth in order (I believe) to reduce bleeding from that area of my gum by clearing away hidden bacteria. It seemed to work within days of me being able to resume my normal teeth cleaning schedule and continues to have the desired effect three months later, assisting me in my fight against gum disease. I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.” MC June 2016

“Finally managed to get to the dentist today after 9 years not going. Dental Spa is by far the best place in Weston, made me feel right at home. “ RB June 2016

“Dental Spa 25 are easily the best dentist around. Lots of people ask me about my teeth and where I got them done. Gloria and team are by far the best I have been to, whether that be fillings, extractions or cosmetic work.” MS June 2016

“Very friendly relaxed atmosphere felt completely at ease through my treatments. Would recommend Dental Spa for all dental treatments.” June 2016

“Very good – always have been; feel really comfortable and satisfied.” SD, June 2016

“Fitted in at short notice with a raging toothache – all sorted, very nice place.” DR, June 2016<

“Great results – thrilled with my teeth whitening! Only when I look back at original photos did I realise how dark they were – now lovely and white. Thank you, Gloria & team.” YR, June 2016<

“No pain at all! The dentist, Ronald was careful and gentle. I used to be scared of dentists, but this changed my mind! Thank you for the lovely and warm welcome and care!” PF, June 2016

“The treatments – it doesn’t hurt when you’re at the dentist. Thank you to Gloria, Ronald and Leo. Excellent team!” AG, May 2016

“Really welcoming place, coming from a junior doctor Gloria and the team really is great with patients. Genuinely happy I chose Dental Spa 25. I have already recommended my friends [to Dental Spa 25].” JC, May 2016

“Everything [about Dental Spa 25] was relaxing, done in a caring manner. I was very pleased with every aspect of treatment. Gloria and all the staff are always really kind and helpful. Thank you!” RL, May 2016

“Stephen greeted me at reception and was very friendly & extremely helpful. He was considerate and thoughtful and offered tea & the paper and came back again to check on me to ensure there wasn’t anything else required. I felt he was above and beyond what would’ve been expected. Thank you!” BH, May 2016

“Fantastic!! No Pain!!!” SB, March 2016

“Very welcoming – clarity of being informed. All aspect services very good.” SS, March 2016

“Everyone is so friendly and nothing is too much trouble. It is always a pleasure to attend my appointments and is especially good for nervous patients. The staff could not be nicer, they are very kind and put you at ease. All of the team are very welcoming and especially Claire and Steve, who is always very attentive and so polite and helpful.” KL, Feb 2016

“…such professional and lovely people.” LT, Feb 2016

“Just love the way these people work. Brilliant service! Every time I have a treatment, I sit on the chair and fall asleep!! I told my boyfriend ‘I just love coming to see my dentists (Gloria and Ronald)’. He said ‘I am crazy’. Thank you for your care! Much appreciated” AG, Feb 2016

“Best dentists in the country. I have to drive all the way from Kent just to see the dentist. I used to fear dentists but now I visit with a happy face and always looking forward to coming back for treatments. I would recommend Dental Spa 25 to anyone anytime. Keep up the good work. Funny I just sleep off during care. Many thanks.” MM, Feb 2016

“I came here with a terrible phobia of dentists but now I feel I can return again without fear. Thank you!” UC, Jan 2016

“Nicest people around..” DS, Jan 2016

“I can’t thank Dental Spa 25 enough..” ZM, Jan 2016

“No pain! My dental experience since leaving Houston’s has been so relaxed. I actually look forward to my appointment, as I know I am well looked after. [Dental Spa 25] is kind, friendly and very gentle especially for nervous patients. I recommend my dentist to anyone I meet as I know they would feel less stressed about a trip to the dentist.”AF, Jan 2016

“Excellent practice and they make you feel very relaxed” FW, Jan 2016

“This is the best dental spa around. I have had a number of appointments and on every visit, I came out smiling. The staff is prompt, enthusiastic, friendly, professionally exceptional and caring. I have now taken my family to my dentist. My youngest son just visited recently.” SH, Dec 2015

“Ronald is the best dentist I have ever known, always polite and reliable and does a fast job. I would not see anyone else. I hope you have a lovely Christmas.” PG, Dec 2015

“I remember the dentist supporting me to lie down. He took my tooth and I did not feel anything. Thanks!” KH, Dec 2015

“The best dentist ever! Welcoming, friendly and relaxing! Nobody nags at me smoking and it never hurts. Thank you!” DW, Dec 2015

“Thank you so much for sorting my teeth out yesterday!! Very professional and friendly!!! I will recommend”K.B, Nov 2015

“Kacey’s 2nd trip to the dentist & wow…. She loved everyone here & they made her feel so welcome. She walked straight in & met Ronald. Jumped straight on the chair & had her mouth open even before I had closed the door. As a parent, I know how important it is to make it as enjoyable as possible (I’m terrified of the dentist). She put me to shame! Thank you, Ronald & Gloria, for always being patient & understanding. She’s already looking forward to coming back.” SR, Oct 2015

Ronald & Gloria are amazing! I have been frightened of the dentist for years. I have cried lots. Gloria & Ronald have looked after me and stopped me being scared. You can really trust them when they say it doesn’t hurt. I love the pair of them for their skill, kindness and understanding.” PH, Oct 2015

“Treated with the utmost kindness and really professional service. Thank you so much” MH, Sept 2015

“Thank you for looking, after ALL, my family’s teeth. Excellent dental care!” July 2015

“Would recommend this dentist to anyone. Excellent results. Better than I ever expected. Thank you!” JP, Dec 2014

“Fantastic service received. Mum has Parkinson’s and she was able to be treated in her wheelchair and made to feel very comfortable. Gloria made sure mum was okay throughout the procedure. Thank you so much for all your help today. We will be back!” SA, Oct 2014

“Had I come to see Gloria [and Ronald] years ago, I would have avoided many years of absolute agony and would have not needed to lose teeth now. For the first time, I can go to the dentist without seeing my GP for valium beforehand. No more throwing up with anxiety and having panic attacks on the way there. Gloria [and Ronald] should be everyone’s first choice, but particularly for those who have had traumatic dental experiences in the past.” SL, July 2014

“I knew Gloria [and Ronald] before I became a patient so knew I was in safe hands. Only smiles and laughter and my teeth look great! I would recommend anyone who is frightened or fearful of the dentist [to Dental Spa 25]. Gloria [and Ronald] works her magic and in no time you will want to go to see Gloria [and her staff] again!” JB, July 2014

“I have had a wonderful experience here at the Dental Spa. I was very anxious about seeing a dentist (20+ years since my last check-up) but Gloria and staff kept me relaxed so much I looked forward to coming for treatment – several times over the past 3 months. Thank you, Gloria, you have restored my faith in dentistry and dentists. Once again thank you!” July 2013

“I met Gloria about 3-4 years ago when I had some trouble with a messed up dental job. Gloria gave me back my trust by being honest and respectful – telling me only the several options available and not trying to advise me too much… for that would mean more work!! Having had my front teeth knocked out by an accident, I requested that whatever she decided to do I would prefer not to have a plate put in place because I do enjoy my food. At the ripe old age of 50 years, she has been good enough to set up a plan that I can afford and have my mouth not only look 100 times better but also made me feel 1000 times better about dentists in general. I have recommended her treatment and general charisma.” SA

“I came here as an emergency patient. I was seen with 4 hours notice. The treatment I received was excellent. I have subsequently been a loyal patient. I wish I’d found this dentist years ago, but not I have found someone I trust and do not fear. I can at long last get my teeth fixed. These dentists also explain what they are doing to your teeth. Dentistry is very invasive so taking time to explain the procedures is wonderful, reassuring and calming. Thank you to Gloria, Ronald and the rest of the team.” SM

“At Dental Spa 25 they do a very good job don’t skimp on anything, and work to look after there patients, thank you GOD bless!!!”C.T

“I would like to thank you for the fantastic transformation you have achieved with my teeth. Your professionalism together with your team has achieved great results.”M.W

“I am writing to say thank you for seeing me so quickly when I had a very bad toothache last week. I am now waiting to have my teeth mended at the hospital”B.L

“I wish to express my gratitude for the way in which you cared for my son William, following his recent accident”L.E

“You and your team are a credit to your profession and I haven’t wasted any time in recommending you to my friends”J.M

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