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amplifon now offering hearing tests in store

1 in 6 people in the UK miss out on the little things in life, because of their hearing. Whether it’s struggling to hear the TV or having difficulty hearing in conversations, many people don’t realise these are common signs of hearing loss. Which is why, on average, it takes 7 years to make the first step. You’ve already taken the first step to improving your hearing by contacting us. Now, let us support you the rest of the way, on your journey to better hearing.

Our unique testing process

Our hearing test is one of the most thorough in the industry, giving our expert Audiologists a deeper understanding of your hearing health. Using our pioneering technology, we examine your ears with a tiny camera to look for the early conditions of hearing loss.

We then support this with the latest testing techniques, such as word recognition testing with background noise, so we can replicate how your hearing is affected in real life scenarios. Most importantly, we don’t believe you should pay to check your hearing health, which is why our hearing test is completely free of charge.

To book your free hearing check at Dental Spa 25, please call Amplifon on 0117 4280069 or send an online message.


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