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Denplan Care and Essentials Payment Plan Memberships in Weston-Super-Mare and Somerset

Our Denplan membership scheme helps promote and maintain healthy teeth by making sure you do not mix a check up. Our membership scheme makes each dental treatment affordable. From being covered with insurance all around the world to your six monthly check-ups in private dentistry your membership scheme makes sure that it does not fail to keep patients happy with a healthy bright smile.

Our membership benefits you by:

  • Keep dental bills down.
  • Low monthly payment costs.
  • Insurance all over the world.
  • Covers all yearly dental check ups, exams and hygiene treatments.
  • Cover starts from as little as £6.00 per month.
  • Free consultations
  • Discounted treatments

Denplan Care

Dentist will need to asses and score your records and then the score you will get will deem what category you are in. Care covers all of your exams, scale and polishes, x-rays and treatments the only bill you will need to pay is your monthly Denplan Care bill and a laboratory bill if you are having a crown or denture for example the laboratory bill is a fraction of the price you would usually pay.

  • Category
  • Prices
  • Category A
  • £14.17
  • Category B
  • £21.04
  • Category C
  • £26.70
  • Category D
  • £34.95
  • Category E
  • £41.27

Denplan Essentials

You can choose what category you want to be in these include scale and polishes, examinations and necessary x-rays. You also get 10% off of any other treatments you may need.

  • Category
  • Prices
  • Category A – 2 Exams, 1 Hygiene and 2 X-rays a year
  • £11.00 pcm
  • Category B – 2 Exams, 2 hygiene and 4 x-rays a year
  • £14.00 pcm
  • Category C – 2 Exams 4 Hygiene and 4 X-rays a year
  • £20.00 pcm

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